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At 19, Paulina is more than just your typical Mexican-American girl with a mane of auburn tendrils. The “The Voice-Team Christina” alum has also made her mark in the entertainment industry—owing this to her enchanting vocals and anthemic songwriting in the music industry; and to her undeniable charisma and versatility in the film/television world. Paulina has the hunger and drive necessary in both arenas to create a force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from Texas, the internet sensation songstress found her identity as an artist through many years of development and self discovery. Paulina’s sound draws from various influences, including singer/songwriter, soul, pop and Latin pop genres. These influences are evident when you listen to her unique melodies that have garnered her over 27 million views on her successful YouTube channel. (

A“It was a beautiful thing, because I’ve known what I’ve wanted from day one. It’s one of those childhood dreams that I never let go.” ~Paulina

Paulina has latched onto that dream and has taken off, with no intentions of stopping. This mentality has brought her to exciting things happening for her in 2014. She currently has a deal with Covergirl Cosmetics, as their official “beauty guru”; has been producing and starring in films such as String Theory (premiering at Hollyshorts Film Festival in Hollywood), and Family Dinner (premiere TBA); is working with AwesomenessTV as a host, recurring guest star, and musician networker; and is writing and recording new material to release.

Whether Paulina is on your living room television, on your laptop screen, on your playlist, on a stage or silver screen, this multitalented Mexican-American girl with a mane of auburn tendrils will not go unnoticed.

100,000 Subscribers!!

Paulina has recently reached 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel! ItsMePaulina. Guys, we did it!! Thank you for taking me to 100,000. I could have never dreamed of having 100,000 of you to call mine, so thank you thank you thank you!! I’m still in shock and so grateful that the #Paulinatics fam is growing more and more each day. I’m sending you all 100,000 kisses and hugs your way!! xoxo

String Theory Premieres at Chinese Theatre!

Paulina had her film debut as Aurora in the Jonathan Pezza short, String Theory. String Theory is a film about three musicians whose lives collide in a 24 hour period in the gritty streets of Hollywood. The film features live performances, an integral part to conveying the emotion in the moment of the scene. String Theory had its world premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA at Hollyshorts Film Festival.


Paulina is thrilled to announce that she is working with Awesomeness TV. This enormous platform, boasting over 2 million subscribers, is a subdivision of Dreamworks. Paulina has been starring in many of their scripted shorts and sketches, and making guest appearances on other shows, as well as hosting. You can check on Awesomenesstv to see Paulina’s upcoming appearances and episodes.

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